Food Around The World You Should Try


A “Naga Bomb” (Bali)

Yep – this thing is for real. And yep – this thing is healthy. A Naga Bomb is essentially a smoothie bowl filled with the likes of dragon fruit, mango, banana, coconut milk (in a blender), and topped with strawberries, muesli, nuts, coconut….. etc. You can only get them from one place in the world where they were created. Find out where in these 20 Best Places in Bali.


Pastries of any kind (Anywhere)

At least once in your life you should have copious amounts of pastries for breakfast.


Alfajores (Argentina)

You’ll find different variations on these biscuit sandwich delights, but my personal favourite is two biscuits with dulce de leche (warm and gooey) in the centre. In supermarkets, they typically have a lot more going on in the centre and are covered in a thin layer of chocolate. Regardless, they’re all a treat!